New 而且 returning families seem to have the same general questions every year, so hopefully some of those listed below will be helpful to you as you begin the school year.

要兴奋,并向你的学生表达这种兴奋. Show a positive disposition as you get ready each day; talk about the exciting opportunities that await them (i.e. making new friends, art class, an upcoming field trip…).

  • In order to be successful in school, your child must be in school. Please make every effort to have your child on time 而且 in school every day. Planning vacations during school time leads your child to believe that school in not important. Students miss the benefit of teacher instruction 而且 classroom discussion which cannot be recreated doing the work at home.
  • 问一些适合自己年龄的问题,比如:
    今天午餐你坐在谁旁边? (K)
    你今天在美术课上做了什么? (小学)
  • 在教室做志愿者. Students’ whose parents get involved do better in school when they see their parents are willing to participate 而且 make at time commitment.

That will be up to your child’s teacher; but don’t expect to be in the classroom the first couple of weeks while your child 而且 teacher get used to the routine.

  • The number one way to accomplish smooth homework time is to set a routine 而且 stick with it. We suggest you not have your children move right into “homework time” as soon as they get home. 记住他们已经辛苦工作了一整天. Give them some down time, a snack 而且 then get to homework. Help them to stay focused by turning off the TV, having younger siblings play in another room. 等. (Please don’t establish a routine of doing homework in the car or on the ball field.)
  • 有一个有条理的, quiet place for students to work that is close enough to an adult for younger children to request help when needed. 父母, 重要的是,你是一个资源的帮助, but please resist the temptation to do the work for them. 这样做, you cheat them out of great opportunity to develop confidence 而且 a sense of accomplishment.
  • The most efficient way to reach the staff is through email. Every staff member has a school email that follows the same structure – first initial last 商务部.lhcsbb@eman. 电子邮件列在美高梅网址的 工作人员页面.
  • 学前教育 (Early Learners 而且 KinderBridge) hours are 8:30 a.m. 到2:50 p.m. 小学上课时间是8:30.m. 到下午3:00.m. The school is open from 7am-6pm if you need extended care.

    幼儿园 through 6th grade students may be dropped off beginning at 8 a.m. 免费. 小学 students should proceed straight to the playground. 学前教育 students may also be dropped off 免费 as early as 8:00 a.m. 父母需要 带学前班的学生去学前班的操场 而且 签到 在每个教室门外使用日志本.

    Any child dropped off prior to the times listed above will be signed into before-school care at a rate of $15 per hour with a one hour minimum. School ends at 3:00; however, in order to relieve traffic flow, there is a release at 2:50 p.m. 下午3点还有一场.m. You will be given a pick up time based on your last name. 截止时间是3:07分.m. to pick up your child after which time they will be placed in after-school care at a rate of $15 per hour with a one hour minimum. 如果你知道你要迟到了, please call the office (480) 821-1404 而且 let us know so that we can inform your child.

  • If you plan to use the drive thru loop at the elementary campus for picking up your child(ren), 你必须从弗林特街进入. You WILL NOT be able to use the drive through loop if you enter by the post office on Carla Vista.
  • If you plan to use the parking lot for picking up your child(ren) you must enter on Carla Vista. (邮局旁边的那条街). You must enter the parking lot using the NORTH entrance. You may exit the parking lot using either the North or South entrances. Please pay attention to the signs 而且 arrows in the parking lot. *请参阅 家庭手册 以获得更详细的解释.
  • 定期收费的首选方法(例如.tuition/before or after care) is by ACH payment form (automatically deducted from bank account). 美高梅网址也接受支票、现金和汇款单.
  • Choose foods you know they will eat 而且 always over pack. You may decide to purchase a small thermos to keep macaroni 而且 cheese warm or fruit salad cold. 一些有创意的想法包括:

    • 芹菜或苹果加花生酱
    • Tortillas filled with turkey, lettuce 而且 cream cheese Crackers 而且 cheese; cheese sticks
    • 爆米花
    • 胡萝卜和蘸酱
    • 葡萄干
    • 奶油芝士百吉饼
    • 酸奶或高gurts
    • 通心粉和奶酪或者意大利面放在保温瓶里
    • 椒盐卷饼